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SiltEx - fights sludge deposits

AlgoClear - Der Spezialwirkstoff gegen Algen


Silt forms in every pond over time, due to leaves, dead micro-organisms, and leftover feed and fish excrement. Such substances begin to rot, causing the water to become cloudy and smell foul. With Lavaris Lake SiltEx you can easily rid your garden pond of sludge and sediment.



  • Doubly effective with clear water bacteria and active oxygen
  • Greatly reduces organic sludge deposits and prevents new deposits
  • Combats decay and formation of hazardous gas
  • Binds phosphorous and prevents algae bloom
  • Optimum for biotopes

1st component, purely mineral: Decomposition of organic pond silt
Our patented combination of minerals actively oxidizes and decomposes the sediment layer. SiltEx binds heavy metals and other substances hazardous to fish, such as phosphate, the main nutrient for algae. The result: a noticeable reduction in silt and effective prevention of algae flowering. Foul smells are immediately neutralized.

2nd component, purely biological: Bacteria ensure clear water
The powerful micro-organisms immediately begin to decompose sludge, dead algae, plant particles, leaves and fish toxins. The result: clear, fresh pond water.


Suggested dosage:
for 1000 l pond water:
450 g of “component A” (large can) and
5 g of “component B” (smaller container inside large can)
(The included measuring spoon holds 10 g).
Mix the two components well and sprinkle over the pond.
The amount applied can be doubled when sludge deposits are severe.


SiltEx is available in the following packaging units: 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg, 500 kg.
Store in a cool, dry place; protect from frost.



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