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SeDox - Insoluble phosphate bonding

SeDox - Insoluble phosphate bonding


In ponds with a high phosphate content due to a continuous supply of nutrients (e.g. from contaminated water, fish population, etc.) and/or excessive silt deposits.



SeDox converts phosphate, the most important nutrient for algae in water, to the insoluble mineral apatite, thus depriving the algae of the nutrient phosphate. During the six weeks that it is effective, SeDox reduces the phosphate content to a value below 0.035 mg/l, the critical factor for excessive algae growth. Also, SeDox helps to break down silt in ornamental ponds and biotopes, thus preventing the water from silting up too heavily.


a) Method of Application
SeDox is to be spread evenly over the entire pond surface, without dissolving it in water beforehand. Direct contact of the powder with the plants is to be avoided. Filter systems and other equipment can remain in operation during the use of SeDox. During the 6 – 8 weeks in which it is effective, SeDox may not be removed from the pond. Otherwise the phosphate content can not be significantly reduced to a value below 0.035 mg/l. Do not use a ground cleaning robot; it would also remove the substrate containing the active ingredients.

b) Dosage
50 g of SeDox for 1000 litres of pond water.

c)Ideal Time of Application
SeDox is most effictive before and after the winter, because at this time the nutrient concentration in the pond water is at its highest. SeDox also works effectively in your pond at very low water temperatures. If a large part of the water is exchanged, or the pond completely refilled, a new dose of SeDox should be added, because tap water is often particularly high in phosphate. In the event of excessive algae bloom, SeDox should be used after AlgoClear/AlgoLon® in order to absorb the nutrients released by the dying algae.


a) Diminished Effect
If the phosphate level is elevated year-round due to external factors (fish feed, surface water that is high in nutrients, pollen, dead leaves, etc.) SeDox should to be used on a regular basis (every 8 weeks, as after this period the active substance has been decomposed in the water).

b) Contra-indications
SeDox should not be used if the pH-value is above 8.8! In this case, the water is to be pre-treated with either pH-Minus or OptiLake from the Lavaris Lake product range. If you have sturgeon in your pond, do not use SeDox. This type of fish could consume the product along with its food, causing problems in some cases.


AlgoClear is available in the following packaging units: 5 ltr, 10 ltr, 50 ltr, 100 ltr.
Store in a cool, dry place; protect from frost.!



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