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OxyActive - immediate oxygenation

OxyActive - immediate oxygenation


By regulating the water's oxygen content, OxyActive treats acute oxygen deficiency, which can cause the death of the fish in ornamental ponds and biotopes. If the pond bed contains excessive sludge and sapropel, OxyActive counteracts the development of toxic marsh gas. The brown sediment in the pond bed, which can trigger algae bloom, generally disappears quickly. The biotope's self-purifying power is improved in the long term.



OxyActive immediately provides vital oxygen. In the warmer seasons, a high nutrient content can trigger algae bloom. As they die, the algae sink as sludge to the pond bed, where they are decomposed by oxygen-consuming bacteria. This can lead to a dangerous oxygen deficiency in the biotope. OxyActive regulates the water's oxygen content, and thus stimulates the natural break­down of waste products, without any development of toxic gas, such as ammonia or hydrogen sulphide. The bacteria can work much more quickly and efficiently because they are supplied with sufficient oxygen for their metabolism.
OxyActive protects biotopes from becoming polluted, and at the same time stabilizes the biological equilibrium in the water.


a) Method of Application
OxyActive is to be spread evenly over the entire pond surface without first diluting it with water. Filters and other equipment may remain in operation during treatment. OxyActive may not be spread over the suction funnels of the filter system!

b) Dosage
100 g of OxyActive per 1000 litres (1 cubic metre) of pond water.

c)Ideal Time of Application
OxyActive should be used in the summer and during periods of constantly warm weather. This product should also be used whenever there is a strong infestation with algae, or when algae residue accumulates in the pond bed. Treatment with this product is also recommended in cases of acute oxygen deficiency, i.e. when the fish gasp for breath.


a)Interactions with Other Products
From the Lavaris Lake product range:
OxyActive can be safely used at the same time as all other Lavaris Lake products, with the sole exception of AlgoClear, which should be applied either one day before or one day after OxyActive.

b)Effect on Pond Life
In the recommended dose OxyActive is safe for both flora and fauna. Fish and other pond life may remain in the water during treatment. After treatment with OxyActive, it is safe to use the water for your garden plants.

c) Contra-indications
OxyActive may not be used if the pH-value is above 9.0! In this case – prior to treatment with OxyActive – the water's pH-value should be lowered by using pH-Minus or OptiLake from the Lavaris Lake product range.


OxyActive is available in the following packaging units: 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg, 500 kg.
Store in a cool, dry place; protect from frost.



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