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ClearLake - microbiological water purification and care

ClearLake - microbiological water purification and care


ClearLake reinforces and accelerates the biological self-purification process of your garden pond or aquatic garden with the help of water micro-organisms. ClearLake activates the biological decomposition of dead leaves and plants, fish excrement, and food or fertilizer residue. ClearLake stabilizes the aquatic ecosystem in the long term and combats putrefaction and the development of toxic gas. ClearLake brings about naturally clear and healthy water, while promoting the growth of plants.



ClearLake is based on specially-bred micro-organisms, which decompose and mineralize dirt particles that have entered the water. The result is natural-looking pond water in its biological equilibrium.


a)Method of Application
ClearLake can be used all year round. The ideal water temperature for the micro-organisms in ClearLake is 18 °C to 22 °C. If there is a pond filter, half of the recommended dose of ClearLake is to be sprinkled into the filter, while the other half is introduced directly into the water. If there is no pond filter, the entire quantity of ClearLake is to be spread evenly into the water. In order to stop acute and excessive infestation with algae, at least one dose of ClearLake is to be used (see our instructions for "Dosage") and to be re-applied every two weeks. If growth is strong and persistent, the micro-organisms cannot cope quickly enough with the high nutrient contents. In order to support the micro-organisms' biological activity, a sufficient level of carbonate hardness is absolutely indispensable. This is ensured through treatment with OptiLake, the basic care product for your garden pond from the Lavaris Lake pond care range. Ideally, OptiLake, the essential care product for your pond with all its plants and pond life, should be combined with SeDox, which ensures phosphate absorption and the oxygen supply for the micro-organisms. These biological means achieve a "purifying result" in the course of only a few days. In difficult cases – depending on the level of contamination – this process may take up to several weeks.

b) Dosage
50 g of ClearLake are sufficient for 1,000 l (1 cubic metre) of pond water.
The first treatment should take place in spring, at the start of the pond season. In general, this prevents the first algae bloom. A second treatment should take place after 3 – 4 months during the summer. A further dose is recommended in autumn – shortly before the end of the season – in order to break down any residue accumulating in the water.


a) Diminished Effect
We recommend regularly testing the water parameters, such as pH-value and carbonate hardness, with the testing kit in the AquaCheck-Set. If the pH-value is outside the range of 7.0 – 8.3, the pond water displays a biological imbalance. The activity of micro-organisms, like those contained in ClearLake, is considerably limited. In this case, we recommend optimizing the pH-value of the water through pre-treatment with the Lavaris Lake product OptiLake.

b) Interactions
Chemical water treatments and/or fish medication may not be used before or during treatment with ClearLake, because they limit the activity of the micro-organisms contained. If the water has been chemically treated, it is advisable to wait 5 – 10 days before using ClearLake.


ClearLake is available in the following packaging units: 1 kg, 2,5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 50 kg.
Store in a cool, dry place; protect from frost.



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