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AquaFloraEnergen - bright colours, healthy plants

AquaFloraEnergen - bright colours, healthy plants


AquaFloraEnergen provides vital plant nutrients (macro-nutrients and trace elements) for ornamental ponds and biotopes. Not only in newly-constructed biotopes (especially in prefabricated ponds and ponds built with concrete or foil), but also in well-established and stable ecosystems, the additional supply of nutrients is important for the plants. Symptoms of an acute nutrient deficiency are insufficient growth, yellow leaves, dead leaf-tips, poor flowering, and dull colours. AquaFloraEnergen contains no phosphates.



AquaFloraEnergen provides your pond plants with macro-nutrients and trace elements, which can be immediately absorbed. The iron contained is easily absorbed by the aquatic plants, for which it is a vital element. This way, optimal plant growth in your pond is promoted. AquaFloraEnergen contains nutrients in well-balanced proportions, and thus caters to the specific needs of your pond plants.


a)Method of Application
The required dose is to be diluted with approximately 10 parts water and to be added evenly to the pond. Any direct contact with plant parts on the water surface is to be avoided. If the pond contains algae, it should be treated with AlgoClear prior to using AquaFloraEnergen. Filter systems and other equipment may remain in operation.

b) Dosage
• Normal dose:
100 ml of AquaFloraEnergen per 1000 litres (1 cubic metre) of pond water.
• For newly-constructed ponds, or in the event of an acute nutrient deficiency, double the dose:
200 ml of AquaFloraEnergen per 1000 litres (1 cubic metre) of pond water.
• After 4 – 6 weeks, we recommend boosting the nutrient levels by adding half the normal dose
50 ml of AquaFloraEnergen per 1000 litres (1 cubic metre) of pond water.

c) Ideal Time of Application
Throughout the entire vegetation period, but particularly after new pond construction and in the event of an acute nutrient deficiency.


a) Effect on Other Living Organisms
Fish and other pond life can stay in the water during treatment.

b) Optimization

Healthy plant growth also depends on sufficient carbonate hardness. In this regard, ideal conditions are created by OptiLake from the Lavaris Lake product range.

c)Interactions with Other Products
To our knowledge, there is no interaction with other pond treatments.


AquaFloraEnergen is available in the following packaging units: 5 ltr, 10 ltr, 50 ltr, 100 ltr.
Store in a cool, dry place; protect from frost.



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