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AlgoClear - the special formula for fighting algae

AlgoClear - Der Spezialwirkstoff gegen Algen


AlgoClear has been developed to combat the vigorous growth and disproportionate reproduction of algae in ornamental ponds and biotopes. AlgoClear achieves excellent results, in particular with thread algae and unicellular green algae (the water appears green). It is also very efficient both in the prevention and elimination of blue algae. Vigorous reproduction of algae is a symptom of a biological imbalance. This irregularity is caused by an excessive nutrient content. As a result, substances like phosphate and nitrate, which are normally non-toxic, may eventually damage the habitat of your fish and plants, and even lead to their death. If the phosphate and nitrogen supply is consistently high, not even AlgoClear can remedy this imbalance. A rigorous reduction in the nutrient supply (i.e. phosphate) becomes necessary, in which case we recommend the use of our product SeDox .



AlgoClear does not kill algae through the use of strong chemicals but rather stems their growth. Through its beneficial combination of active substances, it keeps the algae and the damaging effects of their metabolism in check, and thus supports the biological equilibrium of your pond. This puts an end to the high consumption of carbonate hardness and strong fluctuations in pH-value. Regular use of AlgoClear effectively prevents the growth of new algae and establishes the preconditions for a healthy biological balance in your pond.


a) Method of Application
For optimal results, the dose can be split and added to the water on two consecutive days. To ensure an even distribution in the pond, AlgoClear should be diluted with water from the pond itself (approx. 1 part AlgoClear : 10 parts water).
Introduce the diluted AlgoClear evenly throughout your pond.

• In the initial stages in the development of algae, and as a preventive measure:
50 ml of AlgoClear per 1000 litres (= 1 cubic metre) of pond water.
• We recommend a second treatment (50 ml of AlgoClear per 1000 litres) after two or three weeks, in order to increase the product's efficiency and to combat certain species of algae that germinate continuously.
• In case of excessive infestation with algae, we recommend the double dose.
• In case of infestation with blue algae, we recommend a special dose: Treat your water on five consecutive days, each time using one fifth of the normal dose (i.e. 10 ml of AlgoClear per 1000 litres).

c)Ideal Time of Application
AlgoClear is at its most effective when used in the initial stages of algae development. Algae develop predominantly in spring time, but there may also be an increase in algae during summer and autumn.


a)Interactions with Other Products
From the Lavaris Lake product range:
If possible, powder products from the Lavaris Lake range should be used before any treatment with AlgoClear, as otherwise the effectiveness of the latter may be diminished.
Other lake/pond treatments: Prior use of peat, straw, straw extracts, or humus and the like, reduces the effectiveness of AlgoClear, and the water may turn cloudy or brown.

b) Diminished Effect
If the pH-value of the pond water is above 8.5, the effectiveness of AlgoClear is diminished. In this case, the pH-value should be brought down prior to treatment with AlgoClear. This is achieved by using OptiLake from the Lavaris Lake product range. We recommend regular checks of the pH- and KH-levels, as well as the nitrite content, with the test set in the Lavaris Lake AquaCheck-Set.

c)Effect on Pond Life
A high overdose of AlgoClear can damage the animals and plants in your pond! In this case, OptiLake neutralizes to a large extent the active substances of AlgoClear. During treatment, the fish may remain in the water. After treatment with AlgoClear, it is safe to use the water for your garden plants.

d) Caution

As they die, some species of blue algae release toxic substances, which can have a considerable effect on the pond life. In case of infestation with blue algae, or, if in doubt, we recommend the special dosage described above.

The vigorous development of algae can be prevented by introducing a sufficient quantity of special bacteria into the pond during spring. Such specific pond bacteria are contained in our product ClearLake in a highly concentrated and particularly active form. The excessive growth of algae is always caused by an elevated phosphate content. Phosphate, for algae the most important nutrient, is absorbed by SeDox and eliminated from the pond in the long term. We recommend treatment in autumn, winter, and spring, as well as directly after any anti-algae treatment, in order to remove the nutrient phosphate from the water cycle.


AlgoClear is available in the following packaging units: 5 ltr, 10 ltr, 50 ltr, 100 ltr.
Store in a cool, dry place; protect from frost.




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