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It is from water that, over millions of years, not only our flora and fauna, but also we ourselves have developed. Water is therefore the key element in our garden and ornamental ponds, swimming pools, and biotopes, where it plays an important role in all vital exchange processes between vegetation and animals. For this reason, it should contain a great variety of soluble and trace elements, as well as gases in the right quantity and proportion. It is only in an environment like this that pond plants and animals can coexist in harmony. The Lavaris Lake product range offers you a solution to 98 % of the water problems you might encounter.

The procedure is very simple. Our accurate AquaCheck-Set, the testing kit in the convenient case, enables you to obtain quick and precise readings, reflecting the condition of your pond or lake. Or why not use our reasonably priced analysis service? Send in your water samples, which will then be professionally analysed by specialists in our laboratory. The test report with our recommendations provides solutions to your problems and offers guidelines for the application of the Lavaris Lake products. Why not order a sample bottle over the phone?

When it comes to new ideas, concepts, and product innovations in the field of water maintenance and improvement, Lavaris Lake is your partner! But "know-how in water" does not come overnight. As a subsidiary of Söll GmbH, Lavaris Lake has achieved and proven its competence in this field. This is the result of continuous research and development, combined with our expert knowledge and personal commitment. The outcome of our competence and dedication is the well-known and reliable quality of the Lavaris Lake products. This could already be considered a high achievement, but we at Lavaris Lake do not rest on our laurels. In order to remain state-of-the-art,we invest significantly in training, product development, and communication.

Why is Lavaris Lake on the cutting edge of research and technology? Quite simply because, in our company, innovative spirit and ambition go hand in hand with expert knowledge and flexibility. These qualities form the basis of new technologies for water purification and maintenance and result in safe and efficient products, thus ensuring product reliability for our customers. This has been proven by our trademarks and patents in all matters aquatic. Since most of our products are manufactured by our parent company, we can provide quality, flexibility, reliable delivery, and good value. In order to attain our goal of unrivalled "know-how in water," we at Lavaris Lake focus on Research & Development, quality assurance, distribution, and after sales service.

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